Wear Your Fair Trade Statement

Wear Your Fair Trade Statement

As a Peace Corps volunteer teacher in rural Nepal in the late 80's, Damian Jones observed firsthand the difference it made to a family if women had fair, profitable work. He knew that the intricate crafts they made with glass beads would be popular all over the world, but that they needed someone to help with marketing and logistics in order to reach the four corners. He also knew that there were more than enough profit-hungry companies who were happy to take advantage of the rural poor in factories with horrible working conditions and pay.

He decided that his company would be different: it would exist for blessing the lives of ALL involved, not just those in management.

As such, it was one of the founding members of the newly-forming Fair Trade Federation, created to provide good lives for the makers, good products for the buyers, and a healthy environment for all of us.

Damian's background in science helped him create thousands of color codes. His painting and photography experience helped him begin designing beautiful patterns. And his dedication to good ethics led him to make compassionate and generous business choices. 

The Roll-On® bracelet designs stay looking fresh thanks to frequent trips to Nepal and fashion-conscious style and color updates twice a year. Beads and colors are carefully designed to do no harm to the environment or any living thing. And also to look great on your wrist! The bracelets are made of cotton thread and glass beads and come with a lifetime guarantee. 

Hundreds of women now have pleasant working conditions, dignity and a decent income through the beautiful jewelry they make. You can join the movement by shopping Aid Through Trade goods at The Boutique in the Flower & Home Marketplace!