Lavender Packs for Soothing Relief

Lavender Packs for Soothing Relief

When we think of hand/loom weaving, it evokes visions of the past. Simpler times, sheep grazing nearby, a one-pot dinner hanging in the massive kitchen fireplace.

The Industrial Revolution changed everything, but not always for the better. In many ways, people were distanced from the products they were employed to create. It’s interesting that, for some items at least, the way forward has us looking back for inspiration.

Lavender Packs for Soothing Relief

Our boutique’s new Entwine lavender eye packs are a great example. Here we all were, trying so many processed treatments for stress, headache and tired or puffy eyes. The whole time, lavender and flax plants were softly whispering, “We can help with that …”

Take a few minutes to lie down with a lavender pillow over your eyes.

  • The gentle weight conforms completely to the shape of your eyes and brow for a mini-massage.
  • This also provides darkness for relief from all visual stimuli be it fluorescent or blue light, screen time, our aggressively visual world.
  • Lavender and flax together bring moisturizing, aromatherapy and soothing relief from puffiness, pain and tightness.
  • The pillow can be gently heated or cooled for your preference of relief/treatment.

Who Makes Them?

That’s just the filling! The beautiful covers are made by weavers at Entwine, an inclusive non-profit fiber arts studio in Phoenixville, PA. Entwine is an initiative of Camphill Soltane, whose mission is to help folks with intellectual disabilities and autism be self-sustaining and connected to others and the world. Weaving and other crafts are achievable tasks for those with intellectual challenges. The order and importance of fine detail appeal to anyone who likes to be thorough.  
These pillow covers, hand-woven of cotton and linen fibers, are so beautiful that you might think aesthetic is the #1 top priority at Entwine. But no: like our other new vendors, they are determined to be responsible and sustainable with the earth, its people and its resources. The organically grown Dutch and Swedish fibers they use have earned the highest certification from worldwide textile-processing evaluators including both social and ecological criteria.

One of Entwine’s goals is to become a zero-waste studio; more of a pure philosphy than an achievable goal, but that doesn’t keep them from trying to get there. They even make tiny wearable buttons and other items out of the textile scraps.

Once you discover these all-natual eye pillows and the people behind them, you’ll want them for family and friends as well. Pick up one or more in our recently redesigned and repurposed Boutique on your next visit to the Flower & Home Marketplace!


Camphill Soltane was founded in 1988 in Chester County, PA as a “life-sharing, college-like support model for people with disabilities.”