Chestnut Ridge Honey and Beeswax Uses Ethically Sourced Ingredients in Fair Trade Goods

Chestnut Ridge Honey and Beeswax Uses Ethically Sourced Ingredients in Fair Trade Goods

Chestnut Ridge Honey and Beeswax’s Jennifer and Chad Knepper, co-owners, value ethically sourced ingredients. 

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What is a B Corp and Why Is It a Long Term Goal?

Chestnut Ridge Honey and Beeswax is

Certified B Corporations meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency in the public eye, and are legally bound to balance profit and purpose. They have become a global opportunity to do good through capitalism, create a more sustainable economy and redefine success in the marketplace. B Corps are not a form of 'greenwashing' to pose as an environmentally friendly company but with little to no accountability.

B corps are vital because they lower poverty levels, promote a healthier environment, stronger communities and a shared sense of purpose. This changes the way businesses operate and begins to clean up the negative practices associated with capitalism and going green. Chestnut Ridge treats their workers well, serves underserved communities and works within the environment, not against it.

To become a B Corp, Chestnut Ridge Honey and Beeswax will have to meet a variety of goals and benchmarks to:

  • Be the change sought in the world.
  • Conduct business as if people and place matter.
  • Create products, practices, and profits to benefit everyone.
  • Do no harm.
  • Act and understand each is dependent and responsible for another and future generations.
Chestnut Ridge owners Jennifer and Chad Knepper are working hard toward becoming a B Corp.  Their small business already abides by many of the B Corp practices and has become the best source for local honey and natural beeswax products in Lancaster, PA. These products only contain high quality, ethically-sourced ingredients and Jennifer and Chad seek to make the entire process just and fair. A virtuous cycle.

We are all beginning to value ethical sourcing because it improves society. Many want to buy from, invest in and work for socially conscious companies. It’s profit with a purpose.

What Are Ethically-Sourced Ingredients?

Ethically sourced ingredients mean that people and the environment are respected from the beginning and throughout the product lifecycle. These honey and beeswax products have minimized all negative impacts on the environment without charging an unreasonable premium to offset the costs from the supply chain.

The company regularly delivers freshly-made beeswax blends that nourish, hydrate, and soothe skin throughout Lancaster County. The creams are made from fairly traded coconut oil, Dr. Bronner ingredients, Canaan Palestine olive oil and a variety of Doterra oils.  The products address a variety of ailments including eczema, headaches, allergies, congestion and balance with their fair trade products.

Where Can I Find Fair Trade Honey and Beeswax?

These amazing products can be found at local maker’s markets and pop-up shops as well as at The Boutique in our 90,000 square foot Flower & Home Marketplace, where they are sold with other products that share a strong social background.