More Beautiful, Natural Choices

More Beautiful, Natural Choices

Since we are made creators in the image of our Creator, there is just no limit to the wonderful ways that natural materials can be shaped, wrapped, layered, and combined, then worn as simple symbols of beauty and hope.

Why symbols of hope? Because these are created to help transform the lives of scores of Rwandan women who would have been called hopeless.  

In our world tour of love, today we arrive in Rwanda, where a ministry has put together a web of support for women leaving a life in the wrong trade. Young women end up in this downward spiral when they feel they have no other option.

DuHope is a dynamic ministry/enterprise in Rwanda devoted to God and to formerly helpless women. In a corner of their website there are four little icons: a book, a bandaged heart, a sewing machine and a piggy bank. The images represent DuHope’s commitment to helping women become “more than conquerors” over the abuse in their backgrounds. The help they give is holistic: safe haven, education & counseling, childcare, and artisan training leading to the ability to self-support. The women learn to create beautiful, natural contemporary jewelry.

At Flower & Home Marketplace, we’re so excited to offer you these little treasures from the gals of DuHope: wearable symbols of sisterhood and hope!