People are the Bottom Line

People are the Bottom Line

What’s the biggest thing you can fit in a wristlet? We might say, a small notepad? An eyeglass case or a large phone? But by far the biggest, the best thing one of these bags can hold is potential.

Working with poor and victimized women in Cambodia, Aiyana and Michelle knew that employment would enable the women to support themselves and their families. But finding work in an area with a struggling economy and few natural resources is next to impossible. So the two friends began working with women who were learning to sew. Before long, they had “accidentally” started a soft goods enterprise, training and supplying vulnerable people in many countries to fashion clothing, purses and accessories that could be sold all over the developed world. We at Flower & Home Marketplace fell in love with their pretty (and expertly-made) wristlets, pocket wristlets and crossbody bags. You can now find them in our redesigned Boutique!

“Imagine”: what a perfect name for a non-profit that helps women put lives of being trafficked and exploited behind them! Imagine how it restores a woman’s dignity to no longer be owned and abused, but to create beautiful things which can put food on her family’s table and bring things like medical care and education within reach.   

Even the beautiful fabrics are sourced by Aiyana and Michelle in open-air markets in Phnom Penh, so each purchase helps to support not only the seamstress, but also those who sell the cloth and other materials used in their creation. Connecting you even more to the craftswoman is the personal tag that comes with each item. With it you can learn a bit about who made it and how your purchase will help her and her family. Aiyana and Michelle say that this is the real bottom line: not the profit to be made by a stockholder, but fair pay for all those who work together to create useful, beautiful “Imagine Goods.”

This is just one of the growing number of companies we’re featuring in our new Boutique, whose mission is to love the poor and marginalized by purchasing things they create, and love the earth by featuring more natural materials local to the crafters. You’ll want to check them all out, online and in person at our store!