Back-to-Nature Thai Chic Overcomes Evil With Good

Back-to-Nature Thai Chic Overcomes Evil With Good

What Can One Person Do?

Perhaps you know the story of the woman walking a beach where hundreds of starfish had washed up too far from the surf. She began tossing them back into the ocean, one by one, to save them.

A man walking toward her saw her efforts and spoke up. “Don’t you see how many hundreds there are? You’ll never be able to save all these starfish. You’re wasting your time doing something that won’t make any difference.”

The woman picked up another and tossed it into the waves. She replied, “It made a difference to that one.”


The Beautiful:
Sterling silver earrings (some with tiny stones), patchwork bags with leather straps, the smallest elephants you’ve ever seen, one for each ear! The broad smiles of a mom and dad who earn enough to bless their children, and the grins of those kids as they enjoy a fresh, juicy pineapple . . .

The Ugly:
Like the opioid epidemic, the chilling truth about human—and child!—trafficking has crept into our national consciousness (or, if you know someone, it has come crashing in). Which one of us doesn’t think that, somehow, we could do more to help END it?

Lori Ortenzi is someone who jumped into that fight. In 2014 she and her husband moved to Thailand to work with ZOE international, an organization dedicated to rescuing trafficked children and ending this nightmare. Families and communities need to become self-supporting in order to deny a foothold to the traffickers. Lori has helped adults in many families become trained to make high-quality jewelry and handbags using natural, traditional techniques. This year they moved back to the US and are discovering new markets here for these beautiful Thai creations. Workers are fairly paid in order to support recovery and healthy families. A portion of the income supports the workers and their families, plus giving towards ZOE's efforts to free slaves.

The world is very big and very small—and here in The Boutique at Flower & Home Marketplace, we’re excited to bring these Thai crafts to you AND give you a chance to support healing for one of the world’s worst scars.

“Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Romans 12:21