Way More Than Skin Deep

Way More Than Skin Deep

Introducing a Conscience to the World of Fashion

If you were to binge-watch The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty, you could come away with a bad taste for the fashion world. Can’t these people get their priorities straight? Then if you were to visit places where the items are produced, you could be further struck by appalling conditions, extremely low pay and no regard for the individual workers or the environment.

Manish Gupta and Ruchi Agrawal each had one foot in India and one in the U.S. Disturbed by the economic gap, they began collaborating on improving practices toward fair trade in the industry and training unskilled workers to create high-quality jewelry, clothing, accessories and home decor. Today through their company, Matr Boomie*, they work with over 1,000 artisans in India who are earning fair pay and working together to make a world that is more kind, connected, playful and compassionate.

Not that they’ve had to sacrifice beauty in the least. These detailed, elegant crafts beautifully bring together traditional Indian art forms and current design trends. They’re also produced with materials and processes that are safe for the crafters and safe for the earth.

Matr Boomie: hard to guess the pronunciation, easy to love what they sell! Check them out in the redesigned Boutique at Flower & Home Marketplace!

*btw, their great website features an entertaining video of people pronouncing their name.