That's Beautiful!

That's Beautiful!

Unemployed local women “making” a difference

Would you rather:
__ spend a half hour helping the homeless?
__ spend a half hour shopping for jewelry?

I know. Feels like a dilemma between the I should and the I’d rather.

What if we told you that you could do both, at the same time?

We are now carrying jewelry made by unemployed Lancaster women with challenges in our newly redesigned Boutique!

The founders of Revolution Lancaster wanted to do more than just visit the women’s homeless shelter, but they started with that: spending some time braiding hair, doing nails and listening. Soon they realized what a difference it made to the gals to just visit, connect and be heard. Let’s imagine a woman and call her Liv. They also figured out that although Liv’s problems couldn’t be solved overnight, she was eager and willing to work at something that could contribute to her support in the meantime.

Thus Revolution was born: so in two sessions every Wednesday, women in the group are trained to craft simple, elegant jewelry. Once trained, Liv will be a Maker and will be paid for each piece she has created, thus recognizing her inherent worth and providing her with some income. Liv can leave each weekly workshop with $10-$40 for things like bus fare and groceries; it may well be the only money she receives in a week’s time.

Imagine how it raises Liv up to spend some time and effort in a community of dignity, hope and support! We used the word homeless as shorthand; not all of the program participants are homeless, but they all have challenges which place them outside of traditional employment opportunities.

Next comes our part. You and I get to shop these creations, selecting just the right pieces for personal treasures or beautifully crafted gifts. The designs are great, provided by Solidwerks, a jewelry and watch store in Willow Street, just south of Lancaster.

“You can’t be beautiful and practical,” said my college friend, walking to the theater in 4-inch heels on glare ice, and clutching my arm for dear life. Maybe she was wrong …

Do stop in soon to see what the women of Lancaster have made, with you in mind!